If you have never fired a gun or it has been a long time, this hands-on class will build your confidence and knowledge regarding the safe handling of firearms and the fundamentals of marksmanship. This classroom and live-fire experience is designed for individuals, families and small groups.


Do you want to join the millions of Americans who have their Concealed Carry License and are responsibly armed to protect themselves and the ones they love?  Do you want to legally be able to carry a firearm for your personal protection in other states offering reciprocity?  SAFE Training, LLC provides Arkansas State Licensed CHCL Instructors who can provide you training certified by the state.  Basic, Enhanced and Renewal Classes available.  ASP Instructor# 16-1274   

USCCA: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Interactive Seminar

CCHDF is a Comprehensive seminar for anyone considering owning or carrying a Firearm for self defense.  MARKSMANSHIP SKILLS ALONE ARE NOT ENOUGH TO DEFEND YOURSELF WITH A FIREARM.  Take this class Before or After your Concealed Carry License Class or before you buy a Firearm for Home Defense.

USCCA: Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, Level 1

Target shooting at the range while standing still and shooting stationary targets IS NOT training to stop a deadly threat.  Most Concealed Carry Classes primarily teach the law.  Learn the skills and drills you can practice to stop a deadly threat!  Improve your defensive Firearms skills for Home Defense and Concealed Carry with this USCCA Certified class!    

Private Instruction

Get the Professional one on one attention you need to improve your marksmanship or defensive Firearm skills.  Custom designed lessons are for 1 or 2 people. Basic to advanced Handgun training for New Shooters and Concealed Carry License Holders.  Safety and Marksmanship to Defensive shooting moving targets, multiple targets, and scenario drills.  Call us to discuss your training goals.     


The one question that all of us should be asking is “What actions can we realistically take that will effectively reduce or stop these mass killings?” The USCCA Countering The Mass Shooter Threat program answers that question and more.

Classes are held for the public and available as a private class for your business, religious group or organization.


Add Stress to Your Training

If you carry a concealed firearm to defend yourself or others, you need to train under stress to test your skills.  With the TI Outdoors Simulation System, you can realistically train for armed attack, mass shooters and other deadly force encounters.    

Split-Second Decisions

Training with the simulator will help you improve your Shoot - No Shoot decision making skills. You are presented with multiple moving targets and you will have to quickly decide which is the deadly threat vs. which are innocent bystanders.    

Fun for Family and Friends

Dozens of choices available including marksmanship practice, moving targets to zombie and carnival shooting gallery scenarios.  Appropriate for non-shooters or kids, arrange anything from a fun date night, family outing or work team building event. 

Personal Safety and Awareness Seminars

Learn how to Avoid becoming a Victim of Violence.  This 90-minute seminar is appropriate for adults and teenagers.  You will learn important skills on how to improve personal safety and awareness.  This seminar is held for the public and is also available as a private class for businesses, religious groups and more.  Learn how to avoid danger in the first place! 

Controlling Severe Bleeding Class

-Training Module from the USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals  
-90-Minute Hands On Class

Severe bleeding can be fatal in less than 90-seconds.  This hands on class will teach you how to slow and stop severe bleeding to help keep someone alive until emergency medical help arrives.  Gun shot or knife wounds, car accidents or outdoor injuries are just some of the reasons you need to have these skills.