Arkansas CHCL
(Concealed Handgun Carry License)

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What is an Arkansas CHCL?

If you want to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection as a resident of Arkansas, there are many good reasons to get your CHCL.

CHCL (Concealed Handgun Carry License) is what the state of Arkansas calls our Concealed Carry License.  

There are two different types of AR CHCL available for residents. The "Basic" license is what most responsibly armed citizens will receive. For those that want to carry concealed in more locations in Arkansas, there is also the "Enhanced" AR CHCL license. To receive the AR Enhanced license, you must already have a valid AR Basic CHCL or, you can take our "Combo" class where you will earn both the Basic and Enhanced license on the same day.

 Both of these licenses are recognized in many other states under reciprocity laws that will also allow you to legally carry a concealed firearm in those states (you must always follow each individual states laws regarding concealed firearms while in those states - regardless of your home states laws).

AR CHCL do expire, so we also offer renewal classes. SAFE Training, LLC works with state certified instructors that offer convenient class dates for all AR state CHCL licensing. Below are additional details about class requirements or, you can send us a message and get your questions answered by using the contact form at the very bottom of this page. 

In Arkansas, the governing licensing body is The Arkansas State Police. If you want to learn more, you can also use this link to go directly to their website:

Before you take our class, you may want to start the background check process with the state.  You can do that by clicking this link:

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Basic License $99 (Min. 5 Hours + Range Time)
"Combo" Basic & Enhanced License $149 (Min 10 Hours + Range Time)

Our class fee includes everything required except state fees and fingerprints.  Who you train with makes a difference.  Check out our reviews and see what other students are saying about SAFE Training, LLC!


This 5-6 hour course meets and exceeds all the requirements necessary to apply for a "Basic" Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License (Not the "Enhanced").

Our Basic Class includes both the classroom instruction and the live-fire qualification.

In order to be eligible to apply for a CHCL in Arkansas, you must meet the requirements in Chapter 4: Requirements for licensure of the CHCL Administrative Rules:

The classroom portion covers the following:

Class payment is non-refundable but you may transfer your payment to a different course date.
If course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered a refund or transfer.


This 10- 11 hour course (accomplished by attending the first 5-hours of the Basic course above and then an additional 5-6 hours) exceeds the classroom and live-fire requirements necessary to add the Enhanced Endorsement to your Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License.

(See the live-fire qualification details toward the bottom of this page)

 The AR CHCL Enhanced Endorsement provides the ability to carry and possess a concealed handgun in more locations in Arkansas than the "Basic" License, such as...

• Publicly owned buildings and facilities 

• State Capitol grounds and the State Capitol Building

• Meeting Places of the governing body of any governmental entity

• Any meeting place of the General Assembly or a committee of the General Assembly

• Any state office

• Some Athletic events

• A portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages, beer, & wine for consumption on the premises

• Inside the passenger terminal of an airport

• Churches or other places of worship

• Parades & Demonstrations that require a permit, even when the licensee is a participant in the parade or demonstration.

• The buildings and grounds of a public university, college, or community college.  

The classroom portion of this class covers the following:

1. Explaining the law

2. Prohibited Places

3. Self-Defense under AR Law

4. Techniques for Weapon Retention

5. General Liability

6. Emergent Situations in Public Locations (ex; Active Shooter)

7. Campus Carry

 8. Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

9. CHCL Rules

You must meet the following to be eligible to apply for the E-CHCL endorsement in Arkansas.  

 1.) Hold a VALID & CURRENT CHCL issued by the State of Arkansas.

(or have completed a basic course and will be submitting BOTH certificates of training at the time of application)

 2.) Attend a course by a registered CHCL Instructor who is qualified to teach the enhanced training.

3.) Successfully complete the course of fire outlined below.

You will have 3 attempts to complete the course of fire successfully in a maximum of two hours. (whichever occurs first)

Per state regulations, failure to do so will result in not passing the course and a waiting period of 3 months to reattempt the live fire qualification.

This course does not allow instructors to assist students during the Live-Fire Qualification.  S.A.F.E. Training, LLC offers Private Lessons to help any student prepare for the Live-Fire Qualification.  If you would like to discuss this option and decide if this can help you, call 479-551-9869. 

All students must be confident of their ability to handle their firearm in a SAFE and PROFICIENT manner.  You must also have the marksmanship skills to complete the course of fire below.  


1. All shooting is from the “ready position” (firearm already drawn from the holster and ready to fire).

2. The shooter must clear or work through any malfunction on their own.  

3. The shooter should reload when necessary.

4. Only exercises are timed. (Reloads and time between exercises are not timed and do not count against the shooter’s score).

5. If rounds are held (not fired within the allotted time) they will be counted as misses.



Stage 1: 3 yard line (20 Rounds)

  (A) 5 shots fired in a “one shot exercise” - 2 seconds allowed for each shot;

  (B) 10 shots fired in a “two shot exercise” – 3 seconds allowed for each 2 shot sequence;

  (C) 5 shots fired in 10 seconds;

Stage 2: 7 yard line (20 rounds)

  (A) 5 shots fired in 10 seconds

  (B) 5 shots fired in 2 stages:

    *2 shots fired in 4 seconds;

    *3 shots fired in 6 seconds;

  (C) 5 shots fired in a “one shot exercise” – 3 seconds allowed for each shot;

  (D) 5 shots fired in 15 seconds;

Stage 3: 15 yard line (10 rounds)

  (A) 5 shots fired in 2 stages:

    *2 shots fired in 6 seconds;

    *3 shots fired in 9 seconds;

  (B) 5 shots fired in 15 seconds;

The target will be a B-27 target. All shots will be scored “hit” or “miss.”

Successful hits will be scored if the round fired cuts the line of the 7 ring or is within the 7 ring of the B-27 target.

We recommend you bring at least 2 magazines and at least 100 rounds of ammunition for the gun you will be using to qualify.

Class payment is non-refundable but you may transfer your payment to a different course date.
If course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered a refund or transfer.